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The dildo for all hours

Masturbation is a natural act to get to know your body better and to pleasure yourself. Not only women who don’t experience satisfaction with regular sex will find pleasure in having fun with a dildo. Dildos are also often used by couples in lovemaking. But even women who have a happy sex life like to use dildos to bring joy to themselves. When masturbating, they can let themselves go and don’t have to pay attention to their partners. This moment is just about you, and your dildo does exactly what you like.

However, it is a fact that many women do not benefit from a classic dildo. It feels unpleasant and only gives little pleasure. Vibrators, on the other hand, gain the advantage. Our dildos, however, are much more realistic in every aspect; they almost feel like a real penis, even in terms of temperature.

Dildos should feel real

If you would like to spend some pleasant hours alone with yourself, you should get to know our dildos. They are available in different sizes and colors, and every dildo even looks lifelike. From the head to the veins and arteries, they are equipped with everything you need for a fulfilling sex game. The dildo warms up to body temperature, so it doesn’t feel cold and hard. It will comfortably adapt to your genitals and bring you to a great orgasm. Since the dildo doesn’t contain latex, you can use it without concern if suffering from allergies. A dildo with a suction cup may seem pointless to you, but if you attach it to a smooth surface, which can be on the floor or on a wall, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different positions.

Hygiene is a must

Many women also like to use a dildo during their period. To avoid the annoying cleaning, simply put a condom on the dildo, which you can then dispose of hygienically. But even without it, our product can be cleaned very easily by holding it under warm running water and then wiping it off with a cloth.

  • Dildos should be cleaned after each use
  • Clean the dildos with warm water and soap
  • The ollala dildos can be placed in boiling water for maximum hygiene
  • During your period it can be useful to protect the dildo with a condom, but it’s not a must.

Love is our mission

We believe that a woman has the right to give herself a great orgasm. That’s why love is our mission. Love yourself and treat yourself to a great, fun toy in different colors. You can take your time and check out the offers on our website, and even save some money because good dildos can be expensive. We will also be happy to inform you about the shipping costs on our website. The shipment is discreet so that your package can be dropped off with your neighbor if you aren’t home. No one will know what is in the package just by looking at it. Just browse through our assortment and choose your favorite dildo, and after placing it in the shopping cart, it will be with you very quickly.


OllaLa Dildos